Pyaray Afzal Finale Review

by inbetweenroses

It was one of the first agreements that I had made to myself before setting out to create a blog that I can call my own. I shall consistently post content, irregardless of its quality. Indeed, what is more important is to write,  to observe and to share. But alas, the world wide web is witness to my this failing!

As a little peace offering to the ever-so-wonderful followers of In Between Roses, here’s me (embrassingly!) ranting and rambling away:

Oh pyaray, pyaray Afzal of ours! 
To my keen followers of پیارے افضل‎, the Pakistani romantic drama serial that aired on ARY Digital, I feel ya! Afzal’s untimely, but arguably he-had-it-coming-for-him death left me baffled. Of course, it would be unprincipled to impute the not-so happily-ever-after conclusion, wherein we, the viewers were deprived of witnessing the (greatly) anticipated union of Farrah Ibrahim, the khat walli and pyaray Afzal, the cricket khel nay walabut…still I brood. Kids, it comes as a lesson to us all – if thou kills, thou shalt pay a certain amount of due in return.
– Side note: Evidently, whilst the phone conversation between Afzal and Farrah was intended to placate faithful FarZal shippers, it had me quite affronted. Why, oh, why did you not ask for help, Afzal?! If you can hold an entire, poetic conversation with your long time love (despite two brutal gunshots), surely, you could have been treatable. Surely, if you had called for aid, you could have saved yourself! Argh! To be completely honest, the whole scene came off as a bit comical when you analyze the logistics, which, naturally, I cannot help but do. But alas, the hopeless romantic within me forsake practicality to enjoy the sorrow-filled OST which drew the curtains to one of Pakistan’s most beloved serials. The witty dialogues, the enchanting OST, the charming cast, the subtle humor and the equally balanced doses of drama were indeed all elements to relish upon.

Of course, it is not just I who bids farewell to the charming weekly serial – many others have shared their goodbyes and parting thoughts through YouTube’s good ol’ comment section:

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