Memoir |un

by inbetweenroses

11012088104 4a9e58048aYou never compromised yourself, and I always look back to you in awe. How did you do it? How did you survive the storms, make it through the tides, and tread, and tread, and tread? How did you not lose yourself, shed your pieces and feed them to those tests, hungry to eat you apart. And when today,  I find myself turning inside-out, you console me, you remind me. I’ve done it once, I can do it again, and again, and again. God willing.

You get scared.  You still do, but not as much. I won’t ever refute your fears – sure, this world is unpredictable, but isn’t that the glory of it all. Sure, there are consequences, uncertainties, fears, question marks, blank spaces, the possibility of your world turning upside down. Sure, sure, sure. But through everything, there’s this wild type of beauty, heaps of unapologetic optimism, wondrous types of dreams, unwavering sources of light. And above all, God and his limitless mercy. Get scared less often, young one.

I’ve never understood why you don’t believe in magic enough. Your existence, your breathing, your living, your kin, your mind. Light upon light. But still, you don’t believe enough. You can’t imagine yourself out of the perimeters of your comfort zone. Believe me, you will get the privilege to witness the grandeur of life and its unlimited possibilities. Do not be afraid to dream big. Get excited to see new places, do great things and to love more densely.