Canada, you have my little heart

by inbetweenroses

20151210233130-nsd108314612.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoThis little heart of mine sings, for my people have finally found what they’ve been seeking all along, refuge.

On Thursday, December 10, the first planeload of Syrian refugees graced this country with all their light (/nur). And it fills me with glee that Canada took care of their frail and torn hearts. That Canada made place for the displaced. That Canada did not deny them their optimism, instead, promising them the future.

This is my Canada. My Trudeau. My people. Thank you to everyone involved in this process. Thank you for recognizing and acting upon our global responsibilities. Thank you for humbling me and this entire world with your big hearts and your open arms.

May God allow us to sustain such beautiful movements and may He give us all the opportunity to spread such goodness. May God fill the refugees of Syria (and everyone else around the world under persecution) with a multitude of blessings and allow them to find their new homes in love and peace. (Ameen).