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Month: January, 2017

Memoir |quatre

My sky. My rain. My sunshine. My provision. My sources of sustenance. How blessed am I for this great big world, and especially this little world within, of my little family. For me, each person is certainly a representative of life in ecstatic motion, so unique and so significant. How I thank them for taking me to their unique places of love, each so bizarre, sometimes frustrating, but always a source of light. And greater than that, a reminder of the Divine Light. His Light. His Love. That which transcends the affection of seventy mothers.

May Allah (SWT) allow me to find comfort and happiness under His Love, in this world, and the world that transcends this one. Beyond that, may He allow me to be reunited with my beloveds of this world, so that we can enjoy the fruits of the hereafter and each others’ company in infinity. May He favour us with His light and mercy and benevolence. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen. 



The pitter-patter of my fingers against the keyboard. The sound of lemonade being made from lemons. How unfamiliar a feeling, to concentrate the whirling musings in my brain and put them forth, on my screen. Despite so, I have not forgotten its sweet comfort, of having tea by my side, with the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air, as I give life to my thoughts. Hello In Between Roses. I’ve missed my little corned in this world wide web.

Life in its absurdity, has yet again placed me in an unknown territory. The impeding promises of my future seem so close and so far, all at the same time. I’ve always been fearful of uncertainties and loose ends, and have been struggling to come to terms with all this entails. There’s so much advice to take, yet I have this single, one life and a fear of making mistakes. To make a Plan B (backups are good, something to fall on)?, to remain steadfast on Plan A (would this be a way of the fool, or the persistent)?, to wait with gracious patience? to move my limbs and stop waiting for something to happen? My brain in the tiniest of nutshell. SOS. perpetually.

But then again, I am reminded, my life to this moment, is akin to an ant making its way through a Persian rug. In its entirety, such intricacy, such beauty, all in the Divine plan. He knows best.