Memoir |quatre

by inbetweenroses

My sky. My rain. My sunshine. My provision. My sources of sustenance. How blessed am I for this great big world, and especially this little world within, of my little family. For me, each person is certainly a representative of life in ecstatic motion, so unique and so significant. How I thank them for taking me to their unique places of love, each so bizarre, sometimes frustrating, but always a source of light. And greater than that, a reminder of the Divine Light. His Light. His Love. That which transcends the affection of seventy mothers.

May Allah (SWT) allow me to find comfort and happiness under His Love, in this world, and the world that transcends this one. Beyond that, may He allow me to be reunited with my beloveds of this world, so that we can enjoy the fruits of the hereafter and each others’ company in infinity. May He favour us with His light and mercy and benevolence. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.