My dear divine,

by inbetweenroses

The first time my eyes met the light of your soul, I had known. Your existence was one that had tipped the balance of this world. He had surely sent you down as a favour to humanity, privileging us to witness a glimpse of heaven’s perfection. So that we may we find tranquility amidst the chaos of this fast paced world. It’s as if He wanted us to find Him, through you.

I imagine what it was like when your clay met clay, as they placed you into the ground. I imagine the coolness of the soil when it touched your body, bringing you great comfort as it rejoiced its union with you. I imagine the rays of the sun finding their way through your grave, only to welcome you back home. How lucky is the afterlife to have found you back. And how Magnificent your Creator must be, I can hardly put into words.

I find myself seeking His forgiveness, likely until I find you again, for you are surely his beloved, and I had failed to water your petals. How I wish I could have seen you bloom in your fullest. Patiently, I wait for the Last Day, when He shall give you glad tidings. How beautiful are you, how deserving you are my divine.

With love.